Klappanome Updates VALZ, Its Award-Winning Story Driven Rhythm RPG


And a little bit of anniversary update later this year


VALZ gets an update that delivers new content such as sidequests, a brand new character, as well as new songs, not forgetting app optimization and performance improvements.

That’s nice. What’s new?
Lots. This update focuses on the story of Jaco, recruitable female DJ with mechanic-tweaking skills to alter the flow of battle. After recruiting her, players will have five party members total.

Wait a minute. Isn’t the maximum party member is four?
Exactly. Players will be able to deploy different party formations and try matching her skills with favorite original party members to see what Jaco brings to the table.

Nifty, but why Jaco?
Jaco’s story delivers unique standpoint in representing female member in the band. “At some point, we realised that the VALZ’ atmosphere lacked strong feminine aura.” said Ricky, lead designer. “We want to add a feminine strong character while not stealing the spotlight from our main hero. Therefore, we designed Jaco to have her own story and set of quests and made her an optional playable character.”

When and where is it available?
VALZ can be updated through the App Store, starting today for free for existing player and discounted at $2.99 until September 11.

Anything else?
Next step for Klappanome is to prepare a big update for version 2 later this year with improvements and features. Some that is under development are:

  • Story update — a brand new chapter featuring Lagu’s past, filled with new places and familiar characters and new songs.
  • Summon system — of legendary performers, to aid in battle as the party members face more challenging enemies.
  • New tutorial system to help players better in grasping VALZ’ relatively complex mechanics.
  • Main menu UI redesign to serve iPad user better.
  • Implementing on-demand resources to significantly shrink app size on first download.

Useful Links
Press Kit can be downloaded here.


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